"Exploring the Kaimai Bush" is here to help you to learn about some of the fungi, and native flora of the Kaimai -Mamaku Forest Park in the Western Bay of Plenty of New Zealand.

This northern part of the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park is known locally as "The Kaimais". The photographs on this site are to help you to recognize some of these little things which I hope you will see on your walks, but do keep in mind that some of them, like fungi (mushrooms and toadstools to most people) and orchids are seasonal, as are the flowers. These plants shown here are also found in many other areas of New Zealand - they are by no means specific to the Kaimai area - so by viewing these photos you may be able to identify some plant or toadstool that you have seen elsewhere.

Perhaps you'll get the urge to go and have a look for yourself. Otherwise, just enjoy the photos.

My name is Shirley Kerr and I now live at Blenheim, moving here in 2023 after 5 years at Rotorua and before that, 30 years in the Katikati area. I am an ex-biology/science/technology/horticulture teacher. I have spent some time exploring the bush of the nearby Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park, photographing many of the living things that I see, especially fungi, mosses and liverworts, ferns, orchids and lichens, ie. the smaller things which often go unnoticed. If you are ever walking along one of the tracks, and you come across an aging grey-haired woman kneeling or lying on the track with a camera aimed at some small thing, it could well be me. (Give me a gentle kick to see if I'm still alive).

All photographs on this site: © 2003 Shirley Kerr.


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