Russula acrolamellata

A tan brown species found under beech and tea tree. The cap has grooves towards the edge. The gills have a distinctly bitter taste to them. Cap diam: up to 95 mm.


Russula albolutescens

Found under beech near Ohakune. Quite large - 10-15 cm diameter.


Russula amoenolens

An exotic drab grey-brown species found under introduced trees. The cap is up to 70 mm wide and is marked with grooves towards the edge. The gills have a hot taste.


Russula atroviridis

A difficult species to identify in the field as the colours of the cap and stipe can vary greatly and the green colours are not always obvious. The colours can vary from dull greyish magenta with greenish yellow patches to greyish green. Cap diam: up to 65 mm. Found under beech.


Russula aucklandica

Found under tea-tree, this species is coloured dark greyish red to ruby to purple with a pink stipe. Cap diam: up to 85 mm. The gills are creamy white and the spore print is cream.


Russula mcnabbii

Grows under Nothofagus.