Resupinate fungi (Crust fungi)

These fungi grow flat against the substrate. This is a morphological grouping of many diverse and often unrelated species. They are sometimes referred to as corticioid fungi or crust fungi. Some species appear as definite crusts while others are like a splash of paint. There are many crusts which are white or cream in colour.

Aleurodiscus zealandicus

This is a flesh pink to salmon pink crust found on the bark of dead branches.

Australovuilleminia coccinea

A reddish orange crust fungus found under the bark of fallen branches from beech trees. As it grows the bark is ruptured and the bright colour of the fungus becomes visible.

Byssomerulius psittacinus

A reddish purple to purple crust which is found only on beech.As it ages and dries it becomes an orange-brown to yellow-orange colour.

Hymenochaete cruenta

A red crust found on bark and wood from a variety of tree species. It is associated with a white rot.

Phlebia subceracea
(Syn. Mycoacia subceracea)

This looks like a splash of golden yellow paint on wood. Close examination with a hand lens will reveal blunt teeth. Found growing on the undersides of a fallen log.