Ramaria anziana R.H. Petersen

Fruiting bodies are much branched, up to 60 x 60 mm, and are pale creamy fawn with some ochre to salmon pink tints


Ramaria avelleno-vertex R.H. Petersen

Fruiting bodies are off-white, becoming pale ochre to apricot pink towards the tips as it ages. Size up to 60 x 25 mm.


Ramaria basirobusta R.H. Petersen

A yellow fruiting body, up to 80 x 90 mm. The stipe can become quite large (up to 50 mm wide). On ageing, the branches can gain a red-brown colour. Found under beech.


Ramaria fragillima (Sacc. & P. Syd.) Corner

A rusty orange species with fruiting bodies up to 60 mm tall. Found in groups in mixed broadleaf-podocarp forest.


Ramaria junquilleo-vertex R.H. Petersen

This species can produce a fruiting body 10-15 cm across. Found under tea tree and beech.


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