Marasmius are generally quite tough fungi. The stipe is often dark-coloured and thin. They are usually found on leaf litter in the bush.

Marasmius atrocastaneus G. Stev.

A dark red-brown cap with creamy gills. The stipe is yellowish just below the gills, then becomes dark red-brown towards the base. Cap diam: 15–40 mm. Found on litter in beech and podocarp forests.


Marasmius elegans (Cleland) Grgur.

An orange-brown species with a velvety cap of 20–50 mm. The gills are white and the tough stipe is darker coloured towasrds the base.

Found growing on leaf litter and well rotted wood in wet forests.


Marasmius gelatinosipes

A small species with a light coloured cap and a comparatively tall glutinous stipe. Cap diam: up to 10–12 mm.

Found on dead leaves and twigs under beech.

Marasmius sp.

Found in large groups on dead branches. Cap diam: 5–7 mm.


Marasmius sp.

An undescribed species found on dead leaves.

Cap diam: up to 2 mm.


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