Marasmius are generally quite tough fungi. The stipe is often dark-coloured and thin. They are usually found on leaf litter in the bush.

Marasmius atrocastaneus

A dark red-brown cap with creamy gills. The stipe is yellowish just below the gills, then becomes dark red-brown towards the base. Cap diam: 15–40 mm. Found on litter in beech and podocarp forests.

Marasmius gelatinosipes

A small species with a light coloured cap and a comparatively tall glutinous stipe. Cap diam: up to 10–12 mm. Found on dead leaves and twigs under beech.

Marasmius masoniae

The caps on these are about 2-3 mm diameter. The fungi themselves were about 30 mm high.

Marasmius sp.

Found in large groups on dead branches. Cap diam: 5–7 mm.