Hygrocybe cantharellus

A bright red waxgill with a scurfy cap. Cap diam: up to 30 mm. The decurrent gills are a paler colour – apricot or pale yellow or pale orange. Often found in boggy places amongst sphagnum moss.

Hygrocybe miniata

A brilliant red waxgill with yellow or whitish gills. Common amongst mosses on soil or at the base of tree ferns. Cap diam: 20–35 mm. Found in most forest types. Often appears early in autumn.

Hygrocybe firma

This species is quite variable in colour – it can be yellow, orange and red. Cap diam: 30–35 mm.

Under the microscope it is easily identifiable as the spores come in two distinct size groupings.

The red version is often confused with H. rubrocarnosa but H. rubrocarnosa has a bronze tinge to its cap.

It is quite possible that there are several species in this group at present called H. firma

This image show the dimorphous spores of Hygrocybe firma.

Hygrocybe rubrocarnosa

This species looks very similar to Hygrocybe firma. However, in the field it can be recognised by the gold sheen in the red cap and the reddish gills. Cap diam: up to 40 mm. Found in mixed broadleaf-podocarp forests.