Clavulina brunneocinerea

Up to 8 cm tall, usually found in groups under Nothofagus, in debris.

Clavulina cf. cavipes

A white to off-white species found on the forest floor. Up to 50 x 25 mm in size with irregular branching.

Clavulina cristata var. zealandica

This species has white fruiting bodies, up to 80 x 30 mm in size, with fine branches near the apex. Found in groups under beech, growing on humus or woody debris.

Clavulina floridana

A dull grey-brown species with paler tips to the branches, growing in groups. Up to 50 x 4 mm in size. On drying the stipe becomes an orange colour, which helps to differentiate it from C. geoglossoides

Clavulina geoglossoides

Simple clubs coloured dull grey-brown, sometimes sparsely branched. Up to 70 x 7 mm in size. Found in mossy humus in beech forests.

Clavulina hispidulosa

A branched cream species growing in small groups. Size up to 50 x 20 mm.

Clavulina leveillei var.atricha

A grey branched species growing in groups under beech and tea tree. Size 60 x 30 mm. The stipe is a lighter colour than the branches when young.

Clavulina subrugosa var tenuis

A slender off-white to ivory coloured species, usually simple but sometimes sparsely branched, up to 55 mm high. Found under mixed podocarp and beech forests.

Clavulina urnigerobasidiata

Fruiting bodies are pale tan to tan grey, and are up to 45 x 20 mm in size.

Clavulina vinaceocervina var. avellanea

This is a much branched species with colour varying from light ochraceous when young to fleshy brown with grey tints when mature. The apices of the branches are mostly pointed. Up to 65 x 20 mm in size.