Clavulinopsis amoena

(Syn. Clavaria amoena)

Bright yellow simple clubs, paler at base of stipe. Size up to 50 x 2 mm.

Clavulinopsis corallinorosacea

(Syn. Clavaria corallino-rosacea)

Simple rosy pink to salmon orange clubs, up to 50 x 3 mm. Sometimes found in small groups

Clavulinopsis spiralis

(Syn. Clavaria spiralis)
These are bright yellow clubs growing in groups. Size up to 50 x 2 mm. These are very similar to C. amoena but under a microscope it can be seen that C. spiralis has globose spores while C. amoena has ellipsoid spores.

Clavulinopsis sulcata

Syn. Clavaria sulcata

This is a common bright salmon-pink species found at the base of tree ferns. It may be solitary or found in groups. up to 70 x 7 mm in size.