Artomyces austropiperatus

Syn. Clavicorona piperata

A small much-branched creamy white coral found on rotting wood and the bases of tree ferns. The fruiting body becomes pale brown towards the base as it ages. It is only know from the North Island. There is a similar species A. novae-zelandiae which is found only in the South Is.

Artomyces colensoi

A petite creamy white much-branched species.
Fruiting body up to 60 x 15 mm.
Found growing under mountain beech in the South Island.

Artomyces novae-zelandiae
Syn. Artomyces colensoi

Found growing under mountain beech in the South Island.

It looks similar to A. austropiperatus and apart from their distribution, the only waybtontell them apart is their genetic profiles.

Fruiting body size: up to 60 mm tall x 30 mm wide.

Artomyces turgidus

Growing in mixed podocarp-broadleaf forest.

A light grey-brown species found growing on rotten wood in mixed podocarp-broadleaf forest. This is the most common species of Artomyces. Fruiting bodies up to 80–90 mm tall x 40 mm wide.

An older specimen is shown below.