The Tuahu Kauri Tree

This walk is an easy 20-30 minute stroll one way.

To get there, turn into Hot Springs Rd, about 3 km south of Katikati, and go right to the end of the road.

From the carpark, you will see a sign at the start of the track. It is a well-formed track - flat, covered in gravel - a good all-weather track.

Along the way you will see small groups of young kauri trees beside the track. After about 20 minutes (or longer if you stop to look at interesting things!) you will come to a sign which indicates you take a side track up to the big kauri tree. It is a short steepish climb along this track to a wooden platform at the base of the big tree.

If you dont feel like doing a short steep climb, go another 50m or so along the track until you come to another track off to the left. This track leads onto the boardwalk.

Kauri trees have shallow roots and don't like to have lots of visitors walking on them, hence the platform.

There is another large tree on the uphill side of the platform, so don't forget to turn your head and admire that one too.

The platform continues as a boardwalk and weaves its way back down to the main track.