Russula tawai McNabb

This species can be dark magenta to greyish purple, often with green to greenish yellow areas, sometimes totally green. Cap diam: to 70 mm. The gills are creamy yellow to pale yellow with the edge being red. The stipe is greyish pink to greyish purple. Found under beech.


Russula umerensis McNabb

This species can vary from greyish magenta to pale greyish violet to greenish grey, making it difficult to identify, but the stipe is always white. Cap diam: 35–80 mm. The gills are white to creamy white. Found under beech.


Russula vinaceocuticulata McNabb

A dark brown species with mauvish patches scattered over the cap. Cap diam: up to 90 mm. The gills are white to pale creamy white with grey tints. The stipe is white to creamy white with grey tints, sometimes with red to magenta tints at the base.