Resupinate fungi (Crust fungi)

These fungi grow flat against the substrate. This is a morphological grouping of many diverse and often unrelated species. They are sometimes referred to as corticioid fungi or crust fungi. Some species appear as definite crusts while others are like a splash of paint. There are many crusts which are white or cream in colour.


Hymenochaete cruenta (Pers.) Donk

A red crust found on bark and wood from a variety of tree species. It is associated with a white rot.


Hymenochaete microphyla (Zipp. ex Lév.) Spirin & Miettinen

(Syn. Cyclomyces tabacinus)

A small fan-shaped bracket, up to 80 mm wide, found on damaged indigenous trees. It can be various shades of brown arranged in concentric rings.