Ramariopsis antillarum (Pat.) R.H. Petersen

A bright yellow club, often growing in groups. Size up to 50 x 4 mm.


Ramariopsis bicolor R.H. Petersen

A coralloid species, yellow-ochre with faint salmon tints on the branches and darker cinnamon colours towards the base. As it matures only the tips remain yellow. Up to 25 x 10 mm in size. Found on rotten logs.

Ramariopsis crocea (Pers.) Corner

A bright yellow species, up to 50 x 20 mm in size. Found in mixed broadleaf forests.

Ramariopsis depokensis (Overeem) R.H. Petersen

A bright yellow-orange species, a simple club with some branching. Up to 70 x 5 mm in size. Found on soil in mixed broadleaf-podocarp forest.

Ramariopsis laeticolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) R.H. Petersen

This species consists of bright yellow-orange clubs, up to 60 x 4 mm in size.


Ramariopsis novae-hibernica Corner

A small delicate creamy white to buff-coloured species, up to 25 mm tall with branches <1 mm wide. Found on rotten logs.

Ramariopsis ovispora R.H. Petersen

This species is made up of simple clubs growing in groups. The fruiting bodies are bright yellow to golden yellow, and up to 80 x 7 mm in size.


Ramariopsis pulchella (Boud.) Corner

This is a small delicate pale mauve species, up to 20 mm high. They are found growing on very wet rotten wood, or on the ground in the shelter of a rotting log.


This specimen was only 15 mm tall. Using a torch when looking for them makes them easier to spot.

Ramariopsis simplex R.H. Petersen

Found in small groups in many forest types. Clubs up to 60 mm x 4–6 mm in size.