Ramaria piedmontiana R.H. Petersen

A rather attractive salmon pink fruiting body, up to 80 x 35 mm. Found under beech.


Ramaria purpureopallida R.H. Petersen

A large fruiting body, beige with dull pink-mauve tips to the branches. Size up to 80 x 60 mm. Found under beech.

Ramaria rubripermanens Marr & D.E. Stunz

A large species, creamy coloured with pink to reddish tips to the branches. Size: up to 160 x 130 mm.


Ramaria samuelsii R.H. Petersen

A flesh-pink to salmon pink species, up to 80 x 50 mm in size. It often has several major branches which then become irregularly branched.


Ramaria subaurantiaca Corner

An Australian Ramaria found growing with Eucalyptus on a road verge in Tauranga.


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