Russula kermesina T. Lebel

Syn. Macowanites carmineus

This is a red secotioid species found under beech. The cap never fully opens and the white gills remain distorted. The stipe is also white.

Cap diam: up to 50 mm.


Russula griseoviolacea McNabb

This species can vary in colour fromdark greyish magenta to grey-vilet to deep purple and occasionall dark grey to black as well as having greenish yellow areas.

The gills are white to pale cream. The stipeis white with pale pink tints, especially towards the base.


Russula macrocystidiata McNabb

A magenta to violet coloured species with grey overtones, often with yellow to greenish yellow areas.The gills are white to creamy white, sometimes with a rosy tint to the edge. The stipe is white overlain with greyish magenta to pink colours.

Found under tea tree and beech.


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