Phaeoclavulina gigantea (Pat.) Giachini

(Syn. Ramaria gigantea f. tenuispora)

Fruiting bodies are tan to ochraceous tan. Up to 55 x 30 mm in size. When cut or damaged, all parts change to a dark colour.


Phaeoclavulina ochracea (Bres.) Giachini

(Syn. Ramaria ochracea)

A delicate and finely branched creamy fruiting body, size up to 50 x 35 mm. Growing on well-rotted woody debris.


Phaeoclavulina zippelii (Lév.) Overeem

(Syn. Ramaria zippelii and Ramaria zippelii f. aeruginosa).

Several forms of this species have become amalgamated under one name. The form in this image is a rather stout off-white to cream form with short blunt branches.


This image shows the other form (was Ramaria zippelii f. aeruginosa). It is darker and has longer branches with tips that are blue-grey.


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