Mycena mariae G. Stev.

A pinkish fawn species with a darker reddish centre to the cap.

Cap diam: up to 20 mm. The stipe is a darker pink-fawn colour and will exude a red liquid when broken.


Cruentomycena viscidocruenta (Cleland) R.H. Petersen & Kovalenko

(Syn. Mycena viscidocruenta)

A glutinous bright red species found on woody debris of both native and exotic trees.

The cap is 7–15 mm in diam., is darker at the centre and striate towards the edge. Often found in clusters.


Mycena ura Segedin

This is a small red species growing on leaf litter. The cap is campanulate with a darker centre and striations towards the margin. Cap diam: 3–7 mm. The stipe is tall and very thin, and on breaking will exude a red liquid.

Usually found growing singly but may be found occasionally in groups as in this photo.

Mycena rubroglobulosa Segedin

A reddish brown species with a darker centre when moist with the cap showing striations towards the edge. On drying this species becomes a pale vinaceous grey colour, but still darker at the centre. Cap diam: 10–15 mm. Found in leaf litter and on wood.

When wet...

When dry...

Mycena parsonsii G. Stev.

This species is a pale fawn colour with a hint of pink. Cap diam: 10–20 mm. The stipe is pale at the top and darker towards the base and exudes a red liquid when broken.

M. parsonsii lacks the reddish colours found in M. mariae.

Always grows on wood.

Mycena fuscovinacea G. Stev.

This species is a vinaceous brown colour with a paler margin. Cap diam: 25–50 mm.

Found amongst leaf litter in a broadleaf-podocarp forest.

Mycena cystidiosa (G. Stev.) E. Horak

A small brown species. Cap diam: up to 10–12 mm. The cap has a darker pointed centre. The stipe is long and thin (60–80 mm x 1–2 mm).

Found amongst leaf litter. It often has white hair-like structures growing with it.


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