Leratiomyces ceres (Cooke & Massee) Spooner & Bridge

Syn. Stropharia aurantiaca

This introduced species is common in wood chip mulch. It is bright orange-red when young, often with white tufts towards the edge of the cap. It becomes more orange-brown as it ages. Spore prints are purple-brown. Cap diam: 40–60 mm.


Leratiomyces erythrocephalus (Tul. & C. Tul.) Beever & D.C. Park

Syn. Weraroa erythrocephala

A round bright red secotioid fungus with a yellowish stipe. Cap diam: 40–50 mm. Grows on rotting wood or on soil where there is woody debris in native forests.

Not to be confused with another red globose species Paurocotylis pila which does not have a stipe.


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