Lentinellus novae-zelandiae (Berk.) R.H. Petersen

The colour of this species can vary from a pale tan to a darker tan. The fruiting body is up to 35 mm wide, is spathulate in shape and can be hairy where the lateral stipe is attached. The gills are dirty white with ragged edges. This species grows on wood.

Lentinellus pulvinulus (Berk.) Pegler

A yellow-brown species with a velvety to tomentose surface. The gills are white to pale grey. Cap diam: up to 35 mm.

Lentinellus - undescribed species

A yellow-brown species with striations towards the edge of the cap.

The gills are beige coloured. Cap diam: up to 35 mm.

Unlike other species of Lentinellus this one does not have an obvious jagged edge to the gills.


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