Lactifluus belongs to a group of 3 genera commonly named "milk-caps", the others being Lactarius and Multifurca (not found in NZ.). It has been separated from Lactarius based on molecular phylogenetic evidence but is very similar to that genus.


Lactifluus aurantioruber (McNabb) J.A. Cooper

This species has an orange-brown cap and pinkish gills. Cap diam: up to 100 mm.

It is associated with beech.


Lactifluus clarkeae (Cleland) Verbeken

(Syn. Lactarius clarkeae)

Cap diam: up to 80 mm. It is coloured pale orange to greyish orange and covered in fine velvety hairs. The gills are creamy coloured.

It is found under tea tree.


Lactifluus sepiaceus (McNabb) Stubbe

(Syn. Lactarius sepiaceus)

This dark brown -black species can be difficult to spot on the forest floor. It starts as a convex shape with a frosted/dusty coating,but at maturity it is funnel-shaped and the surface appears velvety.

Cap diam: 5–12 mm.

It is found under beech.


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