Inocybe albovestita E. Horak

This species has a dense covering of woolly white fibrils covering the red-brown stipe. The cap is pale brown to umber brown, with a width of 15–40 mm. It splits towards the margin as it ages. Found under beech.


Inocybe amygdalina (E. Horak) Garrido

A small light to medium brown species. The cap is striate, diam. up to 25 mm. This species has the smell of bitter almonds. Grows under tea tree.


Inocybe cerea E. Horak

The yellow colour of the cap with a darker centre and a covering of fibrils when young are distinguishing features of this species. Cap diam: to 30 mm. Found under beech.

Inocybe destruens E. Horak

A small medium brown species with a cap covered in scales and squamules. Cap diam: to 20 mm. Found under beech.


Inocybe graveolens (E. Horak) Garrido

This species is pale beige to light brown with a reddish tint towards the centre of the cap. Cap diam: to 35 mm. It has a spermatic odour. The stipe is whitish turning reddish brown and has a marginate bulb at the base. Found under tea tree.


Inocybe horakomyces Garrido

This beige to hazel brown species is found in beech forests. The cap is very fibrillose, striate and splits towards the edge. Cap diam: up to 50 mm. Gills are grey to beige. The stipe is whitish becoming pale brown and is bulbous.

Inocybe luteobulbosa E. Horak

A light brown to yellow-brown species with a densely scaly cap. Cap diam: to 35 mm. The stipe is bulbous or clavate. Found under beech.


Inocybe scabriuscula E. Horak

This species can be quite variable but is generally yellow-brown to golden brown, has a scaly cap and yellow-brown scales towards the base of the stipe. Cap diam: to 40 mm. Found under beech.

Inocybe scissa (E. Horak) Garrido

This species is creamy-yellow to ochraceous with a darker centre and with splits towards the margin. Cap diam: up to 40 mm. The whitish stipe has a marginate bulb at the base. Found under beech.

Inocybe strobilomyces E. Horak

This species can be up to 45-50mm diameter. Both the cap and the stipe have a "shaggy" appearance. Found under beech.

Inocybe umbrosa E. Horak

A small dark brown species covered in fibrils. Cap diam: to 25 mm. The stipe has a red-brown tinge covered with white powdery granules. Found under beech.


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