Hygrocybe cavipes

Hygrocybe cerinolutea

The caps of these are about 15mm diameter, but can be larger. The gills are the same colour as the cap. Found growing in leaf litter in mixed broadleaf-podocarp forest.

Hygrocybe firma

This species can come in various shades of red, orange and yellow. The yellow version has pale slamon-orange coloured gills. A check of the spores under the microscope will show they are dimorphous ie - two distinct size groupings.

Hygrocybe julietae

Usually this is quite a bright golden yellow. Gills are the same colour as the cap, and are usually decurrent (run down the stem a little way). The spores are peanut shaped.

Hygrocybe miniceps

Colour can vary in the range of yellow-orange colours. The gills of H. miniceps are whitish. This one can be quite tall - up to 7-8 cm, and is very similar to the yellow Hygrocybe firma. However the cap is relatively small compared to the height of the stem.

Looking at the spores is the only way really to distinguish this from H. firma.


Hygrocybe striatolutea

Found in soil in broadleaf forest.

The cap can be glutinous to viscid wet wet.

The stipe (stalk) is whitish towards the base.