Hygrocybe cavipes E. Horak

Colour can vary from yellow to orange. Cap diam: up to 45 mm.

Grows in soil amongst leaf litter under tea-tree and mixed broadleaf-podocarp forests.

Hygrocybe cerinolutea E. Horak

A yellow to golden-yellow species. Cap diam: up to 25 mm.

Found amongst leaf-litter in broadleaf forests.

Hygrocybe julietae (G. Stev.) E. Horak

A common yellow waxgill, found in most forest types. Cap diam: 10–20 mm.

The yellow gills are subdecurrent to decurrent. The spores are peanut shaped.

Hygrocybe miniceps (G. Stev.) E. Horak

A pale yellow-orange waxgill with orange tints towards the base of the stipe (stalk). Cap diam: 15–20 mm. The stipe tends to be long in relation to the cap diameter and has orange colours towards the base.

Found in most forest types.


Hygrocybe striatolutea E. Horak

The cap can be glutinous to viscid or wet. The stipe is whitish towards the base. Cap diam: up to 50 mm.

Found in soil in broadleaf forests.


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