Hygrocybe fuliginata E. Horak

Cap diam. about 40mm.

Not a great specimen, but the only one I have found of this species.

Its colour makes it hard to spot amongst the leaf litter on the forest floor. The gills are always a pale yellow, which helps to differentiate it from the next species below. Cap diam: up to 45 mm.


Hygrocybe fuscoaurantiaca (G. Stev.) E. Horak

Another waxgill which can be very difficult to spot amongst the leaf litter.

A dark brown to red-brown species, fading to olive green with gills varying from reddish to yellow. Cap diam: up to 45 mm. Found in a variety of forest types.

Hygrocybe keithgeorgei (G. Stev.) E. Horak


A dark brown cap with olive green tints. The gills have a mauve tinge to them. Cap diam: 15–35 mm.

Found in broadleaf forests.

Hygrocybe lilaceolamellata (G. Stev.) E. Horak


An orange-brown to honey brown waxgill with mauve gills found in mixed broadleaf-podocarp forests. Cap diam: 15–40 mm.


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