Heimiomyces atrofulvus (G. Stev.) E. Horak

A smaller dark red-brown mushroom with a yellow felty tomentum on the cap.Cap diam: up to 25 mm. Although the gills are pale yellow becoming yellow brown as it ages, the spore print is white. It is found on rotten wood in broadleaved forest.


Heimiomyces velutipes (G. Stev.) J.A. Cooper

(Syn. Xeromphalina tenuipes)

A golden yellow species usually found after periods of rain over summer on fallen logs and rotting wood. Cap diam: 30–50 mm. The centre of the cap is a darker colour and the edge is striate. The stipe is golden yellow to brown, depending on the age of the fruiting body. As the fruiting body ages the cap edges can become upturned as in the second image.