Gliophorus chromolimoneus (G. Stev.) E. Horak

A bright yellow waxgill with a glutinous thread on the gill edges – the only yellow Gliophorus with this feature. Cap diam: up to 30 mm.

Found in soil amongst leaf litter in a variety of forest types


This image shows more clearly the glutinous thread on the gill edge.

Those tiny pale yellow dots are pollen from the redwood trees in Rotorua.

There are a few species of waxgills thriving amongst the redwoods, much to my surprise.


Gliophorus luteoglutinosus E. Horak

A very glutinous lemon-yellow cap and stipe. Cap diameter approx 8–20mm.

Always seems to be in groups, growing amongst leaf litter.









This second image shows how the initial bright colour fades as this species ages.


Gliophorus sulfureus (G. Stev.) E. Horak

This one is a bright yellow, fading with age. Cap diameter of 10–15mm. Very glutinous.

Grows amongst leaf litter.