Geoglossum australe Cooke

(Syn. Geoglossum fallax)

A black upright species where the upper part is usually wider than the lower part. height: up to 60 mm. Found growing amongst leaf litter and mosses. This species looks similar to Trichoglossum hirsutum but the latter has tiny hairs on it.


Glutinoglossum glutinosum (Pers.) Hustad.

(Syn. Geoglossum glutinosum)

A slimy black earth tongue with a glutinous covering. Height: up to 40 mm.


Trichoglossum hirsutum (Pers.) Boud.

This species can look similar to Geoglossum australe, but the fruiting body has small dark hairs on it. Height: 40–50 mm.


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