These can look like a puffball at first, but are called Earthstars because of the way the outer covering splits and peels back to give it a star shape. The spores are contained inside a thin-skinned puffball (fruit-body) that is exposed when the 'petals' fold back. The spores are released through a small hole at the top when rain drops hit the ball. Earthstars are found in leaf litter in the bush, and can be well camoflaged, making them difficult to find.



Geastrum velutinum Morgan

The developing fruiting body of this species has a reddish brown hairy outer layer and lacks a beak. The puffball is 25–30 mm in diam.

Geastrum triplex Jungh.

In this species the outer wall consists of three layers. The developing fruiting body has a “beak” on the top of it. The puffball is 25–30 mm in diam.