Favolaschia calocera R. Heim

An introduced species, this can be found in large groups on fallen wood and logs. It is now found in native forests throughout the North Is. and in some parts of the South Is. It is unmistakable with its bright orange colouring and usually appears quickly after the autumn rains. Cap diam: 10–25 mm.


Favolaschia pustulosa (Jungh.) Kuntze

This white Favolaschia is found in small groups on dead wood (usually tawa). It has a rubbery texture. Cap diam: up to 60–80 mm. It has a reticulate pattern which matches the outline of the pores below.


Favolaschia cyatheae P.R. Johnston

A small white species found on dead Cyathea tree fern fronds. The fruiting body has a diam. of up to 10 mm and has a powdery appearance when dry. There is another similar even smaller species F. austrocyatheae which is smooth when dry.