There has been confusion over the naming of the purple cortinarius in New Zealand. It is worth reading the following two links as they explain the latest thinking.

New species in Cortinarius section Cortinarius (Agaricales) from the Americas and Australasia

Cortinarius atrolazulinus M.M. Moser

A large (up to 80–90 mm diam.) dark purple species. Could be confused with C. carneipallidus, but the latter has paler flesh especially in the stipe and has larger spores. Under beech.

For those of you with a microscope:
C. atrolazulinus (9-12.5µm × 5.5-6.5 µm, Q greater than 1.7)

Cortinarius carneipallidus Harrower & E. Horak

A dark purple species with a cap diam. up to 70 mm. If the stipe is cut lengthways, it will be seen to have pale flesh. This enables it to be differentiated from another dark purple species C. atrolazulinus in the field.

For those of you with a microscope:
C. carneipallidus (spores 10.5-12µm × 8-8.5µm, Q less than 1.6)

Cortinarius aff. atroviolaceous M.M. Moser

Found under tea-tree.This species needs to be properly analysed and described.


There is one more species of purple cortinarius found under tea-tree, but I haven't been fortunate enough to find it yet.


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