Austropaxillus mcnabbii (Singer, J. Garcia & L.D. Gómez) Jarosch

Syn. Paxillus aurantiacus)

A yellow to yellowish brown species with pale yellow gills. The cap often has brown squamules on it. Cap diam: 30–85 mm.

Found in beech forests.

Austropaxillus nothofagi (McNabb) Bresinsky & Jarosch

(Syn. Paxillus nothofagi)

This species begins as a convex shape then becomes funnel-shaped. It can be quite large – up to 20 cm in diameter. The colour can be various shades of tan-brown and the cap is felty.

Found in beech forests.

Austropaxillus squarrosus (McNabb) Bresinsky & Jarosch

(Syn. Paxillus squarrosus)

With its dark brown cap, this species is easily distinguished from the other two. Cap diam: 30–100 mm.

Found in beech forests.

This image shows young specimens of A. squarrosus.