This family is unusual in that the rachis, or midrib, of the frond is thin, flexible, and long, the frond unrolling with indeterminate growth and the rachis twining around supports, so that each frond forms a distinct vine.

Lygodium articulatum

This is an unusual fern in that it is a climber.

It can form large clumps like an inpenetrable curtain of tangled stalks.

Each of those long thin twisting "stems" are actually a rachis, meaning that this fern has the longest leaves in the world.

Those oblong-shaped "leaves" are "pinnae" ie only part of the fern frond.

The rachis are extremely tough, especially when dry - dont try busting your way through this stuff!

It is also known as "Mangmange" and "Bushman's Mattress".

The dead stipes, chopped up, make good fire-lighting material - so I'm told. (Just make sure you follow any fire-lighting restrictions!)