Cladia species

These are found on soil, rocks and logs. They generally have perforations in their stems.

Cladia aggregata

This one is quite variable, with some forms having few or no perforations. One of the common lichens to be found on rocks, soil, and on logs.

Cladia retipora
Cladia retipora

Not many lichens have a common name, but this is one which does, being known as the Coral Lichen. It can form quite large clumps, but the ones I have found in this area have been less than a hand span across.

If you look closely at these, it is easy to see the perforations in the stems, which give it quite a lacey appearance. Some seem to be more holes than plant!

Another lichen which grows in this clump form is Cladina confusa, which used to be called Cladonia leptoclada. It doesn't have perforations.