Gliophorus - some older books refer to these as being Hygrophorus. They belong to the Hygrophoraceae family, also known as the Wax Gills. The Gliophorus differ from the Hygrocybes in that their caps and stems (stipes) are very slimy (glutinous), and a glutinous veil is present.

Gliophorus chromolimoneus

Found on the edge of a track in mixed broad-leaved forest. The caps are quite slimy. The height of the largest one was 3cm.

Another G. chromolimoneus shot, to show that it can appear rather similar to H. julietae.

Another case of microscopic details being necessary to sort out confusion.

Gliophorus luteoglutinosus

A very glutinous lemon-yellow cap and stipe.

Cap diameter approx 8-12mm.

Always seems to be in groups, growing amongst leaf litter.

Gliophorus sulphureus

This one is a bright yellow, with a cap diameter of 10-15mm.

Very glutinous. Grows amongst leaf litter.

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