Entoloma niveum

This species no longer exists as such. The original type material was in poor condition and appears to be a mixed collection.

With further revision, it has been split into E. captiosum and E. sericellum.

This image shows Entoloma sericellum.

Entoloma sericellum
Entoloma captiosum

Growing in mixed broadleaf/podocarp forest.

Entoloma neosericellum

Growing under mixed broadleaf-podocarp-teatree forest.

Entoloma peralbidum Hk

This one has a white cap with a central dimple (umbilicus).

The gills are decurrent (run part way down the stem).

Entoloma minutoalbum

Quite a small Entoloma, and in fact, doesn't look like an Entoloma at all when you first find it. Cap diameter about 10- 15mm.

It can also be a light beige colour.


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