Amanita muscaria
-also known as fly agaric. Not only does it kill flies, but it is also poisonous for humans.
It is an introduced species, common under many trees in this area - pines, birch, douglas fir.

Not usually found in native bush, but in recent years there have been instances of it being found in Nothofagus (beech) forests, probably introduced there through human activity.
When this Amanita comes up, it first appears as a rough white ball, with no sign of the red colour that that this mushroom is known for.
As the mushroom develops further, the cap appears as a red ball with white fragments of the veil covering remaining on it.
The cap continues to expand, and given ideal growing conditions, can achieve a diameter of over 30 cm.

As it ages, the colour can fade to an orange-yellow and the white spots disappear.


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